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Ordering Service

All vessels requiring the service of the Columbia River Bar Pilots are requested to give notification of their time of arrival directly to the Columbia River Bar Pilots office in Astoria (not through their agent) by telephone, fax or e-mail at least 12 hours in advance. If the arrival time changes due to weather or other causes, the Columbia River Bar Pilots are to be notified no later than four hours before the original ETA expires. Failure to communicate directly to the Columbia River Bar Pilots in a timely manner may cause delay.

At least two hours before their ETA, vessels are asked to again confirm arrival time, and then call on VHF channel 9 when the vessel is 15 miles from the CR Buoy (Columbia River Entrance Buoy). The call sign for the Columbia River Bar Pilot office is KOK-360. Vessels should not approach closer than 5 miles west of the CR Buoy until advised by a pilot.

The Columbia River Bar Pilots office is capable of communicating by VHF radio with vessels offshore at distances greater than 60 miles. The Merchants Exchange, vessel agents and Columbia River Pilots are advised of information received by the Columbia River Bar Pilots.

When ordering service, be prepared to provide the following:

To reach the Columbia River Bar Pilots, use:

  VHF:   Channel 9, 13 or 16
  Telephone:   503.325.2641
  Fax:   503.325.5630
  Pilot Office Astoria:   KOK-360
  Billing Questions: